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Slam the door on heat loss

with top sealing dampers!


Lock -Top and Top Sealing Dampers

  • Non-Restrictive--will not inhibit draw

  • Seals out Mammals, Birds And Insects

  • Easy to Open And Close from inside the firebox

  • Made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel

  • Replaces leaky throat dampers

  • Serves As Chimney Cap When Open

  • Prevents Heat And Air Conditioning Loss

1.) Is your home older? 
It may not have a damper assembly. 

2.) Is the damper blade missing or damaged?

3.) Do You feel cold air coming down your chimney in Winter or get a smoky smell in Summer??

If you answered YES to any of the above questions a LockTop damper may be what you need solve your problem,

 LockTop and Top Sealing dampers install on top of your chimney flue. It locks shut keeping your fireplace warm, dry and secure and a low-cost solution to replacing rusted, worn-out throat dampers. It reduces load on heat and air-conditioners and dramatically reduces noise from the outside.

Fireplace performance improves and cleaner burns reduce pollution. We have installed many Lock Top dampers and gotten great results. Modern houses are more weather tight with better sealing doors and windows. Clothes dryers, bathroom vent fans and range hoods all pull air out of your home creating  negative pressure inside your house. The easiest place for outside air to enter is down the chimney. 

That smoky smell is coming from the chimney along with the cold air. A lock top damper is made to seal the chimney at the top to help prevent the entering air. This helps make the area around the fireplace more comfortable and can reduces smells. 

Each damper kit comes with a 32 ft. stainless steel cable, chimney top adhesive, mounting bracket for firebox and lifetime warranty to original owner.

Fits Inside Flue Sizes (inches)

Item #  Min size Max size
LT1313 9x9 12.5x12.5
LT1317 9x14 12.5x17.5
LT813 6x9 9.5x12.5


Lock -Top Damper
Shown in Open position

Shown Open and Closed on Chimney


Lymance Top Sealing

Handle bracket attached to side of firebox.
Use 1/4" masonry bit.


Note: These dampers are specifically designed for woodburning fireplace flues and should not be used on flues servicing wood or coal stoves or on fireplaces serving gas logs.


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