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If you have a fireplace, your chimney will have two separate flues. One is for the fireplace and one is for the heating system. If you want your chimney cleaned please specify which one you would like done. They are two separate jobs. Oil and gas companies service the boiler or furnace but never the chimney!

What is a flue? A chimney flue is a chamber through which smoke, hot gases, and other byproducts of combustion are vented. Most houses have two.


Our Services

We clean, rebuild and reline chimneys using UL©-listed Stainless Steel liner material, repair and rebuild damaged fireboxes, repair cracked chimney crowns, power wash, apply water repellent treatment, deal with water leaks in chimneys, clean & service gas furnace vents and gas logs, we also clean electric and gas dryer vents and much more.

The mess involved in chimney cleaning, is always a concern. Have no fear! We are fully-Insured and Bonded professionals. You will find us to be very reliable and our prices very competitive. We strive to keep our service standards high and price's fair.

Frequently asked questions
For answers to some of the most common question we are asked, check out the FAQ'S section. Maybe we can answer you question here. I not, please feel free to call or send your question by and we will try to answer it for you.
Mission Statement:
At Sunbrite Chimney we strive to provide  the highest level of service, to maintain the highest level of integrity in our work and above all provide outstanding  
customer satisfaction and value.  



Remember Get your chimney inspected once a year for safety's sake!

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