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Products and services we provide:

We tarp and vacuum in place to clean fireplace, damper, smoke chamber and chimney
Chimney Cleaning:
While in your home cleaning the chimney, or doing repairs, we take the utmost care. We treat your house like it was ours by keeping it clean. We use a large tarp and special vacuums, we are prepared for any situation. We have the tools to clean the dirtiest chimneys, and with our
"No Mess Guarantee," you are assured of a clean home.

o read more about how we clean your chimney click here. To schedule an appointment, please call the office at 508-345-1729.
No job is too small. We can do needed repairs, such as re-pointing the fire box mortar joints, completely rebuilding the fire box, (see picture to left) or rebuilding large sections of chimney having severe water damage. If you notice gaps, cracks, loose brick or other damage to your fireplace or chimney, call Sunbrite for a professional estimate! Standard size firebox back wall remove and replace bricks that are damaged, generally cost $450.00 to $500.00. We use new firebricks as needed  and mortar with fireclay for added durability
3/4 way finished rebuilding the back wall

 white powder from water penetration of chimney structure. Caused by rain
Have you ever noticed white powdery material on the outside of your chimney? This is caused by water penetrating the brick. The white powder is lime and salts in the mortar being pushed out by pressure and water vapor evaporation out of the chimney. We have found the best products to help prevent this problem. Chimney Saver® is a water repellent treatment. This material is far superior to similar items you find at Lowes or HomeDepot. Most products you buy in the local homestore's are sealers, (ie. Thompson Water Sealer) this is not what you want to put on brick chimneys. Water vapor must be able to pass through the brick for the structure to dry. Some treatments can actually cause more damage to your chimney, however Chimney Saver® is specifically suited for masonry chimneys. It creates a bond to the brick and helps prevent water from entering the pores of the brick by creating an invisible shield of the surface while allowing water vapor to escape through the bricks pores. We have been very happy with results from using this fine product.
Crown Repairs:
Water can also enter your chimney through cracks in the crown mortar. We can repair the cracks using Crown Seal® a material designed especially for mortar crowns. It covers the crown sealing cracks and remains flexible when dry to allow for expansion and contraction of the chimney. This product come with a 10 year warranty which is backed by the manufacture SaverSystems. We have used both products for over 5 years and highly recommend them to our customers. For pricing information please call and schedule to have your chimney looked at soon. We do charge a $45.00 inspection fee which is deducted from cost when the work is complete.

Lower photo: cracks in chimney crown allow water to get inside structure causing white powder shown above.
LockTop Damper: Installs on top of your chimney flue to prevent cold air from coming down the chimney. LockTop Dampers keep your fireplace warm, dry and secure and a low-cost solution to replacing rusted, worn-out throat dampers.  For more info click here
Power Washing: We can  power-wash your chimney to remove most of the  dark stains and mildew growth that accumulates on unprotected masonry and brick. This cleaning helps open the pores of the brick allowing the water repellent treatment to be more effective when used. We can power wash the driveway and other items . Top part is clean
Top sectioned power washed showing the amount of grime and gunk that accumulates on chimneys

                Before and after installing multi-flue extra height chimney cap.


Chimney Caps
Having a problem with birds or other animals getting in your chimney?  Or do you sometimes see or hear water dripping in your fireplace?? Have you been get a smoky or musty smell after it has rained?? These and other problem may be solved with a chimney cap.  We sell and install top quality stainless steel and copper chimney caps to keep out birds, squirrels, water, and debris. Our chimney caps have a lifetime guarantee against breakage and they WON'T rust. We can also have a cap made especially for your chimney.

For pricing on our standard chimney caps, 
click here

Relining Your Chimney
If you have a
chimney fire the first thing to do is call 911. After the Fire Dept. leaves, call Sunbrite to have your chimney evaluated before using again. A chimney fire can cause damage inside the structure make it UNSAFE to use.

If we find damaged tile there are several options depending on the fireplace type and usage. If you are using a wood-stove insert in a masonry chimney we can install a stainless steel liner down the flue connecting to the top of your wood-stove using a special cast iron boot. This is the least expensive way to make your chimney safe and usable.
If you are using a regular open masonry fireplace we can also make them usable. Pre-fab chimney systems require a different method of repair, but rest assured we will give you our professional advise and only do what is best for the customer.



Video Inspection
Using a state of the art video inspection equipment, we can inspect the interior of your chimney for possible cracks in flue tile, gaps in mortar joints, missing bricks and any other problem we feel may be present. This service is especially important after a chimney fire. We were called upon many times by local insurance company's to video chimneys after Hurricane Fran.  Using the Chim-Scan™ video scanner we are able to see the images on a B&W monitor and record the images by photo or send the video feed to a VCR, for insurance claims if needed.

High tech way to look inside your chimney.


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